Jenny Mod MCPE | Bedrock Edition

Jenny Mod is one of the important mods for Minecraft’s PE game. This mod feature is used for Bedrock Edition where you can play your favorite game with an attractive girl as your in-game partner. Jenny will continue her journey with players on each task. This is a great choice for players who are looking for a friend partner who can give them real company and leisure time while they are doing their game tasks. 

So, In today’s article, we will provide you with all the information about the Jenny Mod MCPE / Bedrock Edition. Moreover, we will tell you who is jenny, Its features, and how to download the Jenny Mod MCPE / Bedrock Edition. 

MCPE | Bedrock

Who is Jenny?

Jenny is an interesting additional character for Minecraft players. Players can enjoy the company of friends (along with Jenny) who are skilled and experienced in various things that they need during their game. In the pixel world, almost all game elements look similar due to their design and graphics except Jenny. She is designed with round graphics and has a beautiful look to give players a realistic relationship during their game missions. Jenny Mod offers a beautiful girlfriend to give players an extra boost to their game skills.

This new character of the game has all the emotions and feelings you can feel and use them on game points. In the previous version of Minecraft PE players can not use such characters during their games. This external feature of having a girlfriend on your missionary tasks can enhance your gaming experience to the next level. Now let’s take a closer look at the features.



Let’s check what features you can get when you have Jenny Addon ( as an interesting and different mod feature for your Minecraft PE  that helps you win your games with its core extra functions like completing game tasks with a beautiful girlfriend called Jenny. With Jenny mod, you have the following features:


Jenny is a faithful and loyal friend to players. With her beauty and reliable company, players will enjoy their games. When you have an attractive girlfriend with you on your important missions your destination to victory becomes more fun. Along with Jenny you can also choose her other friends as your game partner and play with them. You can unlock more features of this addon by giving Jenny a piece of jewelry made from diamonds, gold, and emeralds. Jenny always agrees to go with you for multiple dates


Jenny will not only follow you on each game trip but she also has a good skill set that will help you a lot in the game. She is well-trained in manipulation methods and water-breathing techniques. These skills will help players to manipulate any game events easily in their favor. If a mob attacks you she could eliminate most of them with her skills. 


The developers tried their best to give you a beautiful girlfriend for your important game moments. Jenny has an attractive appearance from her facial structure to her clothes. Everything for Jenny is designed in a way that you will like her on your different game journeys. She is a beautiful and skilled girl with amazing animations, dancing skills, and kind behaviour. 

Quick Healing :

Jenny has amazing quick healing skills that can prevent her from being wounded during brutal fights. If you are fighting with your enemies and Jenny is with you, you don’t need to worry because she can recover her wounds quickly. You can enable all of her features from the setting and enjoy the unique experience of having a loyal partner with extraordinary skills. 

How to Download the Jenny Mod MCPE / Bedrock Edition

Now, here we will discuss the download process. The method is very easy. Here is the step-by-step process and you need to just follow these simple steps to install the Jenny Mod MCPE / Bedrock Edition.

First, download the Jenny Mod MCPE / Bedrock Edition.

The second step is that import the mod, so import the mod into the bedrock Edition

The third step is to restart Minecraft and go to the settings to activate the mod.

Now it’s time to enjoy.

Final Verdict:-

Jenny mod for Minecraft PE is an attractive extra feature that allows players to pick a girlfriend with them. The plugin is designed for adult players to make their game moments more fun with a loyal partner who also has various skills that can help them in many game tasks. The hero should learn to manage her because she has different emotions at different times. 

The game heroes can also spend their time with other friends. Approaching Jenny and including her in your team gives you a unique experience of loyalty, fun, and faithfulness. Download and install it now to enjoy the most amazing features of Minecraft. 

Frequently Asked Questions:-

You can add Jenny Mod easily to your Minecraft PE game through a third-party plugin. After installing the right plugin you can enable it from the settings of your game where other addons are installed. 

Yes, using a specific Jenny mod addon you can easily use it in your Minecraft bedrock edition. 

Jenny represents an adult girlfriend therefore this mod is not developed for players who are under eighteen.