Difference Between Java and Bedrock Minecraft

Let’s understand the difference between Java and Bedrock Minecraft. Games and apps are built in different technologies. The beauty of programming is that you can create clones of any game and app using a different technology or programming language from the language in which the first program was made. Due to some technicalities and language differences, you will see some differences in both apps that are built on two different programming languages. 

Sometimes these differences have minor effects on the program or app and you can not feel them without technical knowledge. And sometimes they have big differences in terms of designs, backend, and functionalities. Although both versions of Minecraft are almost the same in terms of gameplay but both have some differences in specific features. You can choose any kind of these versions on your needs. 

What is Java Minecraft?

Java Minecraft is a Minecraft game version that is built on Java language and has some extra functions compared to Bedrock Minecraft Edition. In Java Edition you can enjoy all of the following features smoothly:


You can customize and make your own things like skins and other game elements in this version. When you have customisation freedom the game itself helps you in a lot of competitions because you are playing with your favorite changes. 

PC Based

This version of Minecraft can only played on PC. Users with other devices can not play the Java version of Minecraft on their devices.

Community & Mods

You can change the entire gameplay experience by installing community mods in this version of Minecraft. All mods from the community are reliable and safe to use in your game to enhance your gaming experience with extra functionalities.


The Java version of Minecraft can only be played on PCs there’s no cross-play functionality for this version means if you are on a PC the player whom you are playing must be on a PC and with the same version of Minecraft. 

What is Java Bedrock?

Minecraft Bedrock Edition is a Minecraft version that is built on Bedrock. The Bedrock uses almost similar language logic except for its grouped block functionality. With its compatibility and lightweight the Bedrock edition is considered one of the best Minecraft versions. If you have different needs for Minecraft you can choose any of them according to your requirements. Minecraft Bedrock version has these differences and is good at these features:


It is a multi-platform version, you can use it on almost all devices including Android, iOS, Pcs, and devices with other rare operating systems like Linux.  


Java Bedrock comes with add-on features where you can add extra functionalities through these Add-ons. 


This Minecraft version has a powerful cross-play functionality and you can play it on all devices with other Minecraft versions smoothly. 


You can play bedrock Minecraft smoothly as compared to Java Minecraft. This edition equally runs on all devices without any lag and doesn’t require heavy system specifications for any device. This is the major reason most people love to play the bedrock version. 


You can use extra console controllers to play Minecraft Bedrock. Bedrock supports all versions of console controllers and can be controlled smoothly. 

Parental Controls

Mostly young players play Minecraft and there are a lot of adult add-ons and third-party plugins to control your kids you have to use the parental controls feature. 

These are big differences between both versions of Minecraft. Let’s see how these major differences impact the core functionality of the game like gameplay, graphics, system requirements, and features. 

Difference Between Java and Bedrock Minecraft

Java and Bedrock are two different programming languages with multiple minor differences in features and running abilities. All major differences are discussed above and these differences have some effect on the following common features of Minecraft:


The gameplay for both Minecraft versions is almost the same but for PCs, it’s recommended you use Java edition and for other devices, you can play Bedrock editions. Bedrock is a faster version for most players of Minecraft. 


Bedrock uses a single flipbook_textures file for animations this enhances the graphics of your game and gives you a unique experience of fast graphics on any device. On the other hand, Java uses individual mcmeta files for each texture this is the reason Java has a slow speed when you interact with its graphics. On Java Edition you can use custom fonts and shaders. 

Behavior Packs

Bedrock Uses the single file that is “Flipboo_textures.json” but on the other hand java uses the .mcmeta files. Moreover, bedrock can create fogs and custom particles and Java can create custom fonts while Bedrock can’t.

System Requirements

Java Edition has high PC requirements to install the game on your PC. You can install this edition on low-spec computers while Bedrock needs lower system requirements and you can install it on almost all devices with any system specifications. 


The common features of both versions are the same and can be enjoyed equally. But it depends on you if you have special requirements and want to use any of them, you can enjoy all these common features in both versions of Minecraft:

FeaturesBedrock EditionJava Edition
ModsFree, Limited / Pid add-onsExtensive
World formatLevelDB FormatAnvil Format
GraphicsAccessibleStunning graphics
Cost29.99$ For both editions29.99$ for both editions
Parental controlsExtensive in Xbox settingsLimited inside Minecraft
UpdatesDaily UpdateRegularly
CrossplayAlmost every platformNo crossplay
ControlsNative controller supportMods need controller support
ServersAverageLarge selection

Final Verdict:-

This is all we have researched about the differences between Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft. Almost both versions are the same in common features of the game except for some technical differences. You can choose any of these versions as per your needs and requirements. Bedrock is considered the best Minecraft version due to its extra functionalities like cross-play, smoothness, controls, and more. 

Frequently Asked Questions:-

It depends on your needs usually Bedrock version is considered one of the best versions of Minecraft game for most of its players all around the world. 

If you have a classic Minecraft copy you can play it for free on your Xbox devices. 

Seeds are almost the same in both editions with some detected experiences locations and structures of Bedrock making a slight difference from Java’s edition. 

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