About Us

The Jenny Mod is an unofficial add-on and a plugin mod used for the Minecraft game. Minecraft is trending nowadays on almost all internet channels including YouTube, Google, and other app stores. This mod gives you a girlfriend that can make your Minecraft playing journey more interesting with its features. Jenny mod is recommended for adults only. This is an adult in-game mod for players who are interested in having a loving and caring partner during their game tasks. 

As a player your relationship with Jenny depends on your relationship skills and experiences you may face some issues in your relationship with Jenny if you don’t know how to handle her. 

Another thing you need to keep in mind before adding Jenny to your game is that spending a lot of time with Jenny can damage your game tasks and their interest. You have to deal with her with complete wisdom and care to get good grades in both the game and the relationship with her. 

Jenny is not your ordinary partner who plays a relationship role only, she can also run in a creative game mode where you can create amazing things with her. She is a wonderful companion to do anything with you during the game. Due to her versatility in tasks, it is not recommended for players under eighteen to play with her in their games. 

The mod may need some parental controls due to it’s main mechanism which is built for adults only. With some restrictions in the mod everyone can play their Minecraft with this mod. 

The Jenny mod is not officially available for players from the developers and their resources. This mod is developed for Minecraft by third-party developers who love to play the game and want to make it more interesting for other players all around the globe. For any issue related to the mod, you can not contact directly to the official sources. If you want to do extra stunts and adventures with a beautiful virtual soul in the game, download and install it now and enjoy a new kind of Minecraft on your screen. 

We tried our best to solve your questions related to Jenny Mod. If you want to know more about this, then you can contact us via our email “————–” or our WhatsApp number “————-” Thanks!